We offer a site specific assessment (Scoping), which aims to highlight the suitability of your site for a wind development.

The assessment is broken into various stages, depending on the site:-

1. Site visit, to talk to you about your requirements. We will also walk over the site for an initial assessment of the potential of the ground for placement of the appropraite number and size of turbines and infrastructure.
2. Use information from the site visit to assess the amount of ecological work which might be required for a quality Appropriate Assessment for the size and scale of the development.
3. Desktop survey computer database, to assess potential issues from local areas designated for conservation or landscape value.
4. Consult the various bodies concerned for their opinion on the suitability of the site (with the clients permission), including your local Council, Scottish Natural Heritage and other organisations.
5. Provide you with a report outlining the potential of your site for the placement of turbines.

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